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"No. What we don't use."

Kiss My Face products contain many great ingredients. Our olive oil bar soap was our first product and we have been partial to olive oil ever since. And, in general, you will find a lot of Kiss My Face ingredients that are antioxidants.

But, as a long-time maker of naturally effective products what we don't have in our products is one of the things that distinguishes us from more mainstream, non-natural, products. What ingredients are not part of Kiss My Face's recipe? Here is a partial list:

  • No parabens. Parabens are a preservative used in a lot of non-natural personal care products. If you do an internet search for "parabens" there are studies that appear to suggest a potential link with breast cancer.
  • No phthalates. Phthalates are used to add texture to some mainstream personal care products. The C.D.C. (Centers for Disease Control) says on their website: Human health effects from exposure to low levels of phthalates are unknown. Some types of phthalates have affected the reproductive system of laboratory animals. More research is needed to assess the human health effects of exposure to phthalates.
  • No artificial colors. No dyes. Don't need 'em.
  • No aluminum chlorohydrate. Anti-perspirants use these to block pores from sweating. Some believe there is a link with breast cancer. (Kiss My Face makes deodorants not anti-perspirants.) In addition to having their own pleasant smells, our deodorants contain odor absorbing natural ingredients.
  • No oxybenzone. Some studies have shown some links with photosensitivity and production of free radicals.
  • No triclosan. Triclosan is an antibacterial and antifungal ingredient found most prominently in antibacterial soaps, but also in some toothpastes and some other products. It is under FDA review for some uses because some studies have shown it alters hormone regulation.

A lot of customers are concerned about gluten and are gluten sensitive. We have few products made with gluten ingredients. But we do have a few most prominently our oat protein sun care where the oat protein adds some nice moisturization (you can find a listing of products made with gluten free ingredients at

We offer and support customers making their own decisions and their own informed choices. We try not to lecture as we try to make our own informed decisions.

We are not scientists. As our co-founder Bob McLeod has said of his founding of the company we were just trying to get hair clean. We listen to our customers concerns, and we try and avoid ingredients that our customers don't want, or have some amount of concerning research.

In general, we simply try to make our products as simple as we can. And we try to keep the ingredient lists as short as possible.


Steve Michaelson
CEO and #1 Smoocher

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