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Kiss My Face and Nanoparticles

Kiss My Face sells mineral sun care products without nanoparticles. The common definition of a nanoparticle is a particle that measures less than 100 nanometers. There are two types of minerals that are commonly used in sunscreens to provide sun protection: titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are natural minerals, and one of the 17 ingredients approved by the FDA for sun protection. These mineral powders are available as a sun care ingredient in a range of particle sizes.

Some consumer groups have raised concerns about nanoparticles, with a concern that something so small could penetrate the skin and have negative health effects. This issue has been studied extensively over recent years. The evidence appears to be solid that even nanoparticulates of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide do not get absorbed in to the skin. The FDA has determined nanoparticles are safe when used in cosmetics and sunscreens.

Nonetheless, Kiss My Face procures non-nano minerals for use in our sunscreens, including our all mineral kids sunscreen. Our mineral raw materials are documented to be non-nano by the supplier who maintains documentation and certification that the ingredients meet our standards. As an example, our titanium dioxide is certified by the manufacturer to be above 99 nanometers in particle size.

But that's only part of the story. No Kiss My Face product has ever been tested on animals. Kiss My Face products are free of parabens. Kiss My Face sunscreens are produced without oxybenzone. Looking for a suncare product for your kid? Look no further!

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