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Kiss My Face is thrilled to announce that we added organic, fair trade Moroccan Argan Oil to our Hair Care products. We can't wait for you to try our new formulas, which stay true to the old ones that you know and love, have fewer total ingredients and include a new powerhouse ingredient- Argan Oil.

Argan Oil adds moisture and shine, rejuvenating hair and scalp. Rich in natural antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin E, this "liquid gold" helps retain moisture and improves elasticity to help prevent breakage.

Did you know that Argan trees only grow in Morocco's Arganeraie and nowhere else in the world? Local tribes refer to the tree as the Tree of Life, which is a strong indication of just how important the Argan tree is to this region. Besides providing nuts from which the oil is extracted, it feeds local goats, is used in building materials and is critical to the semi-arid region's endangered ecosystem in preventing soil erosion.

With the explosion in popularity of Argan Oil for use in cosmetics, enormous pressure is now being placed on this delicate region and its lifeblood, the Argan tree. Luckily, in the nineties, Women Cooperatives were formed to preserve the Argan forest through sustainable harvesting, land management and reforestation. In addition, the cooperatives provide employment, income and education for its female members.

Moroccan Argan Oil

Hair Care Products

The Union des Cooperatives des Femmes de l'Arganeraie (U.C.F.A.) is an umbrella organization which represents the interest of 22 cooperatives. The U.C.F.A. was formed in order to give the coops clout against the private Argan oil industry which undercuts the women cooperatives, harvests irresponsibly on an unsustainable scale and uses industrial production methods that actually reduce the oil's beneficial nutrients.

Kiss My Face is very proud to support the U.C.F.A. and its commitment to sustainable harvesting, living wages, education and improved working conditions by procuring the Argan oil for our products from the U.C.F.A.

Our commitment not to purchase Argan Oil from a large corporation, but instead to support the locals who are directly impacted matches the values of Kiss My Face. We continually strive to reduce our footprint... by using ingredients from renewable resources and sustainable manufacturing practices that honor the earth and our community. We work with supplier partners who share consistent values. We strongly believe in the importance of making socially responsible choices at both the local and global level. After all, good planets are hard to come by.

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