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"Why has Kiss My Face always been Cruelty Free?"

March, 2014

As you can imagine, this is one of the simpler questions we occasionally get asked to answer. Why have we never tested Kiss My Face products on animals?

  • The testing looks and sounds painful and cruel in many instances.
  • We use natural ingredients that are recognized as safe and require less testing than their artificial counterparts.
  • There are legitimate scientific alternatives to testing on animals.

What does it mean to Kiss My Face to be Cruelty Free?

  • We do not test our products on animals nor do we commission anyone to test ingredients or products on animals.
  • We do not export Kiss My Face lotions, sun care, deodorants or soaps to China. Currently, exporting basic personal care products to China requires the payment of a fee which is partially used to fund animal testing of products imported to China. We are sold around the world and pay plenty of fees but we can't pay that one.
  • We try and tell the story of Kiss My Face being Cruelty Free, in the hopes that more companies become Cruelty Free. And more customers shop for Cruelty Free products.

I hope you buy Kiss My Face products. If you buy someone else's personal care products, please check to make sure that they are Cruelty Free the list is here at

Steve Michaelson
CEO and #1 Smoocher

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