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Dear Kiss My Face Supporters and Enthusiasts,

I simply want to keep you up-to-date on things we are doing at Kiss My Face that I think you will be interested in, perhaps even proud of.

Throughout the history of Kiss My Face we have been working to buy packaging that is sustainable, cruelty-free, affordable, and from producers that treat the people making the packaging fairly. I take pride in the length of that sentence. Because of these efforts, if you turn over the bottle of any Kiss My Face product you will see the plastic identification code in the familiar recycle logo. We try to make our bottles as recyclable as possible—and we always disclose the number on the bottom of the bottle.

We are constantly looking for the best packaging that lives up to the values of Kiss My Face. Over the years we have reviewed and rejected a lot of options. We evaluated some promising packages that utilized 35% post-consumer recycled product, but then we realized that the post-consumer product was being recycled in California, shipped to China for processing, and then shipped back to North America. We could not find a way to reconcile ourselves with that carbon footprint. We kept looking...

We understand and appreciate the value of getting our packaging from local sources. However over the years, much of the world’s production of tubes and bottles for personal care products has shifted to China. At Kiss My Face, this worries us for two reasons: 1. How is a small company like ours supposed to understand and monitor the human labor practices of production in factories so far away? and 2. What does the carbon footprint of packaging production in China look like compared to local production?

As a small company with limited resources, we just cannot be certain enough that appropriate practices are being followed in faraway countries. Here in the U.S and Canada, there are more robust laws to insure that appropriate human labor and welfare practices are followed. Additionally, we just can’t see how the carbon footprint of producing bottles and tubes in China, then shipping these components to North America, can be as low as sourcing these packages locally.

So, in our continued effort to be as ethical in our production as possible, we are announcing our intent to source all of Kiss My Face bottles and tubes from North America by the end of 2014 (though we have one great vendor for one particular product’s packaging in New Zealand that we may continue with—that may be an “asterisk” on this statement for a while). The majority of our bottles and tubes already come from North America. Now, our goal is to bring the rest back.

I feel very good about this move because of our long-term commitment to being cruelty-free. As best I know, China is the only country in the world that requires animal testing of lotions, hair care, shave creams, deodorants, and other products Kiss My Face makes. We sell Kiss My Face products around the world, but China’s current policies prevent us from selling these products there without paying an importation fee—a fee that is used to pay for testing our products on animals. We pay plenty of government fees around the world, but we will not pay that one.

[Recently, I was at a conference where I had the chance to talk with the President of Cruelty Free International, the international certifying body for cruelty-free products. She had a rock solid belief that, at this time, there was no way to sell products in China without animal testing. But she outlined her organization’s engagement with the appropriate Chinese leaders to change this policy, and I thought she had a realistic view of the challenge. We hope that these policies do change so we can add China to the growing list of countries we sell Kiss My Face products in.]

So, shifting Kiss My Face bottle and tube production back to North America supports the value of Kiss My Face of being cruelty-free, minimizing our footprint on the earth, and observing appropriate human rights practices.

All the Best,

Steve Michaelson
CEO (and #1 Smoocher)
Reachable at

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