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Great new Items in 2017

Great new items and fighting harder against cruelty. That's some of the headlines about our sun screen for the summer of 2017. Let me get right to the point:

—Introducing a Dry Oil SPF 15 in a continuous spray. I love this new product. It has a light coconut fragrance. And, it has Coconut Oil and Argan Oil for moisturization! As an SPF 15, it is for tanning but still provides some sun protection. And, compared to the SPF 15 dry oils at my local drug store, this one doesn't have any parabens or any oxybenzone. Could this be the best SPF 15 dry oil ever?

—We have added two new spray sunscreens to our Kiss My Face Organics™ line. These are mineral active ingredient sunscreens. We have a continuous spray (easier to use) and a trigger spray (better value). Heather here at Kiss My Face, who developed these sunscreens, likes how light they are compared to some other organic sunscreens. Just look for the organic green bottle or can (or tube) in the sunscreen section.

All of our sunscreens are cruelty free, meaning we don't test our formulas on animals. Never have. In addition, we are now supporting the Beagle Freedom Project. Did you know that 96% of the dogs that are used for animal testing in the U.S. are beagles? That was initially a surprise to me as well. Beagles are commonly used for testing because of their gentle nature. The Beagle Freedom project seeks to reclaim beagles from testing labs before they are euthanized, find homes for rescued beagles, and to bring awareness to animal testing. We like them a lot and are working more closely with them.

Besides cruelty, other things not found in Kiss My Face sunscreens include phthalates, artificial fragrances, oxybenzone, artificial colors, and parabens. Don't settle for accepting those ingredients in your sunscreen! Additionally, almost all Kiss My Face sunscreens are vegan.

Finally, I want to mention the "house favorite" sunscreen, our Face Factor 50. It's a rich, non-greasy, fast absorbing, formula with safflower oil and aloe leaf juice. Keep it in your car, in a handbag and in all sports-related bags and use it all summer long to protect your face from the sun. Here at Kiss My Face, Face Factor 50 seems to be everyone's favorite.

You can find these products at your local Kroger, Sprouts Markets, Whole Foods, and, to name a few.

Steve Michaelson
CEO and #1 Smoocher at Kiss My Face
Always Reachable at

(When summer comes and sweating increases most people use more of their deodorants, too. Don't forget to choose one free of aluminum chlorohydrate. Kiss My Face makes several and they all have all day odor protection, too. Like our quick dry spray deodorants in two fine smelling fragrances: Sport and Cucumber Green Tea.)

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