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Throughout the history of Kiss My Face we have taken pride in doing less for you. Less ingredients. No parabens. No phthalates. No Triclosan-so less to worry about. Of course, we have also done more botanicals, more antioxidants, and more naturally sourced ingredients.
So, I am again happy to tell you we are doing less. In this case, LESS PACKAGING.

First, many of you have written to me asking for more large sizes and more refills. We know that refills give you less packaging per ounce.  We are taking a small step by introducing a refill for the fragrance free flavor of our moisturizing hand soap—our first hand soap refill in a few years. It is just a start—more to follow in the future on refills (thanks for writing to me about refills). We took a long time looking at this refill.   We looked at a lot of different kinds of packaging. Some were rather sexy—in a refill kind of way. We looked at light-looking gusseted bags—but they had a couple different kinds of packaging pushed together creating a package that was, in actuality, difficult to recycle.   We looked at very natural looking package structures like bamboo—but at a price I was concerned that nobody would buy them! So, where we ended up was with a simple, North American produced, plastic bottle with a recycle  # of 1 on the bottom. While I don’t love writing “plastic”, I love writing “1”. Benefit of “#1” recycles is that they are picked up by most curbside recycling programs. And our refill gives you 37% less plastic per ounce than the 9 ounce pump bottle.

Additionally, we have also started producing bottles with less virgin plastic and our 16 ounce  bottles are now all being made with 25% PCR (post consumer recycled) plastics. We are pretty happy with this step.  If you read my emails, you know we have looked at a lot of PCR products over the year. But with our commitment to move all of our bottle and tube production back to North America by the end of 2014 (except for stick deodorants, that product’s production may stay in New Zealand for a while—there is a very good packaging vendor there who does a very nice job) we looked again at PCR and found some that we think worked and had the right carbon footprint. We will be rolling this out to more bottles in the coming months. But right now every 16 ounce bottle of Kiss My Face moisturizer produced is being produced in a 25% PCR bottle.

I am very excited to have Kiss My Face on the path to 1) North American production of bottles and tubes, and 2) using PCR content in our bottles.

We are also shifting our toothpaste to recycled paperboard in 2014.  That will happen in the spring.  

And, we have more news like this coming later in 2014. But, in the meantime, let me put-in-a-plug for a bar of soap. A bar of soap is an ancient invention. Now-a-days, most people buy soap in a plastic bottle and a pump. We obviously sell soap in a plastic bottle and a pump. But I am a fan of a soap dish and a simple bar of Kiss My Face olive oil soap.   Kiss My Face olive oil soap has just three ingredients and is naturally clean. There are a lot of washes in our bar soap. And a bar of soap is good for both a shower and a sink. Our olive oil bar soap is about as minimally packaged as a soap can be (the wrapper of our single bar are even biodegradable). 

So, that’s where we are at. We are a group of people just trying to do better each day. So we will continue to work to do less for you again and again in the future!


Steve Michaelson
CEO and #1 Smoocher

(as always, if you have any comments, thoughts or suggestions, you can reach me at   I try to reply to every email)
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